Accelerated Reader

Here are some resources for students and their parents who are in the Accelerated Reader programme.

Our school Accelerated Reader website is here but it can only be accessed in school. This is where you log in to your personal account to do quizzes after each Accelerated Reader book you finish, you will also see all of the books you have read since you started the programme, as well as how many words you have read in total (could you become a word millionaire?!)

To search for books, at home or in school, you can use both the AR BookFinder site and our own library catalogue.  The AR BookFinder site allows you to search all books that are within your reading range in the advanced search function by selecting an interest level and entering your two ATOS book level (reading range) numbers and clicking go, as seen below. This will you give hundreds, if not thousands, of books within your reading range so it may be a little overwhelming.


Searching the school library catalogue  will give you much fewer results to work with as it will only show you the books that we have in the school library. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to search your entire reading range at once, so you just have to enter each number and do individual searches.  For example, if your reading range is 3.4- 5.2, then you can search 5.2 on the catalogue to show all books at that level, then a 5.1 search, a 5.0 search, a 4.9 search and so on down to 3.4 until you find a book you want to read.

Don’t forget that if you have any trouble you can always ask me in the library for book recommendations. 😊📚 📖


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