Activities and Events

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Weekly Activities:

Mindful Mondays – The library is a centre for wellbeing and a quiet space amid the bustle of a busy school. On Mondays we focus on mindfulness and students are invited to come in participate in fun, stress-reducing activities such as origami, puzzles and mindfulness colouring – a relaxed but focused start to the week at OLS!

Book Clubs – We have both Junior and Senior Book Clubs running in OLS. Junior Book Club meets weekly on Thursdays during the second half of lunch and the Senior Book Club meets on the first Tuesday of the month, also during the second half of lunch.

Film Club meets every Wednesday in the screening room off the Library to watch and discuss all sorts of movies, from animation, to Superhero movies, modern classics and short films. Students from all year groups are welcome to join but spaces are limited so sign-up is essential.

Creative Writing Club is a club for seniors that meets every Friday during the first half of lunch. The group works on creative writing activities prepared by Ms Harte and Ms Kerin, members critique each other’s work and prepare for national writing competitions.

Student Librarians – We have a team of 10 student library assistants who help Ms Harte run a vibrant and effective school library here at OLS.

Other Activities:

CBI Shadowing Scheme – Children’s Books Ireland nominate a shortlist for their CBI Awards each year. The shadowing scheme allows Book Clubs all around Ireland to get involved by selecting a few books on the list to read, then voting on them for the Children’s Choice Award!

Book Bingo – This is a super fun Reading Challenge which has been a favourite since we started it a couple of years ago!

One School One Book – Each year we choose one book for the entire school to read during READING WEEK. It’s a fantastic idea that really gets the whole school talking to each other about books. Previous favourites have been The Outsiders, and Infinite Sky.

Reading Week – Every week is reading week as far as I’m concerned! However, the English Department run Reading Week every October where we do extra special reading activities such as One School One Book, we launch Book Bingo and other reading challenges, have book quizzes and much more!

Battle of the Books – This was a staff reading challenge which created very interesting discussions about YA books! We will have to run this again soon…

World Book Day – Every year we do something new and special to celebrate this. This year staff and first years dressed up as book characters, and we held a Readathon to raise money for Barnardos!

Christmas tree of Knowledge – A Christmas Tree made from old books! What more can I say?!

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