e-book advice

Our Lady’s School Library e-book advice:

If you have a Kindle, tablet, or other device that you can read e-books on, there are many places to get free e-books online.

Different devices will need the e-books to be in particular formats, for example for a Kindle the e-book files will have to be .mobi files, and iBooks for iPads require .epub files.

Usually you will have the option of downloading them in the format you require form the websites, but if not you can download software such as Calibre to convert files to different formats.

For Kindles you simply drag and drop your .mobi files into the documents section of your kindle when it is connected to a laptop or PC.

If you have an iPad or other tablet or device the best way to read e-books is through either the iBooks app or the Kindle app. If the files are not on your device, then you can email the files to yourself, and then open them on your device. If you have both iBooks and Kindle apps you will easily be able to read most file formats as they will automatically open in whichever app is required.

You can also borrow e-books through the school library’s BorrowBox account. Ask the librarian for more information.

Some websites where you can download free and legal e-books







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