Library Rules and How the Library Works

The library is open to everyone at break and lunchtime every day.

We have a great collection of books of all genres, magazines, DVD’s, audiobooks and games. You may come in to read, relax, play a boardgame, study, or use the computers.

There are beanbags for comfortable reading time and there are exciting new books being added to the library all of the time. 

On Fridays at lunchtime, Games Club is on which means anyone can play the games and puzzles we have in the library, like scrabble, Jenga, Guess Who etc. On Games day a little more noise is allowed in the library, but we still need to be respectful of people who are reading or studying.

Book Club runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime. Anyone can join Book Club at any time, more information here!

Ms. Harte, the librarian is there to recommend books, and help you with any questions you might have. If you are looking for something, like a specific book, ask Ms. Harte and she will know where it is or try to get it for you elsewhere. We love books in the library, which means that we love to talk about them! So don’t be afraid to talk about books that you like and ask for recommendations  ☺



  • There is no food allowed in the library
  • The library is a quiet zone – please be respectful of others who are reading or studying
  • Do not put books back on the shelves; leave them tidily on the trolley by the librarian’s desk. The reason for this is that every book has an exact place in the library so that they can be found easily. The librarian knows exactly where things go so she will re-shelve them herself. (If you are interested in how a library is organised click here, or just ask!)
  • Be respectful of the library books as many others will be reading them after you
  • Leave the library as you would wish to find it. Put your rubbish and recycling in the relevant bins, and put your chairs in.
  • When looking at books on the shelves try to leave them as tidy as possible.

Borrowing Library Books:

Any books that you wish to take from the library must be checked out through the librarian. Never take books without properly checking them out.

Checking out books with the librarian involves going to her with your journal and swipe card and the book(s) you would like to borrow.

You may check out up to three books at a time, for three weeks.

The book(s) will be checked out to you through the computer, and your journal and book will be stamped with the date you need to renew or return.

When you are done with your book(s) bring them back to the librarian or you may drop them in the red returns basket on the desk

If you are not done with your book(s) by the date stamped on them, then you need to bring them to the librarian to renew them. She will renew them for another three weeks. You may renew your books as often as you like.

If your books are overdue you will receive an email to remind you, so check your school email regularly.

Be aware that there are other people who might want to read the books that you have, so please return them in a timely manner.

Lost and severely damaged books must be replaced or paid for so mind your library books!





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