Library Catalogue

Our newย TinyCat catalogueย  ๐Ÿ˜บย  displays most of the books in the school library. It’s constantly a work in progress with new books being added all of the time.

The DVD collection has recently been added and can be searched here. As with everything else in the library, the DVD’s can be loaned by both students and staffย ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I think you’ll agree that it’s a lovely clean and easy to use interface and I am delighted that we now haveย an online catalogue thatย students, parents and staff can access and browse anywhere. ย You can enter any search termย into the search box, such as an author’s name, a book title, or a genre such asย fantasy to get recommendations. ย You will be able to see if each book is available in the library or if it is currently checked out by someone else and when it is due back, as well as much more information on what each book is about.

In the advanced search area (the arrow button to the right of the search box) you can search by title, author, genre, tags (buzzwords like vampires, boys, friendship, mystery, historical fiction, feminism, whatever you’re into) You can also search by ‘collection’ in the advanced search area which is great for Accelerated Reader students, as the Accelerated Reader books are all tagged as such, and can be searched by reading level as well.
It also allows students to have their own accounts set up where they can check what books they have out, renew their books and request books. If you would like your student account set up just come to the library andย ask for your library ID number.
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