Friendship Week

This week we celebrated Friendship week in OLS. There was an array of activities for students to take part in from Buddy Walks at lunchtime to buying Friendship postcards in aid of Pieta House. The library was no different and was a hub of activity this week, we had mindfulness colouring on Monday, Friendship bracelet making on Tuesday and Puzzles, Riddles and games like Jenga and chess on Friday. It was a fantastic week and I’m sure many friends were made.

Welcome Back

Summer is over and school is back in full swing. I want to welcome back all our students including our new 1st Year students. The library is back open as usual every break and lunch time this term, make sure to pop by and see our selection of books surrounding new schools and school life. The new library lunch time clubs’ timetable will be announced in the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing some new and old faces in the library this term.

Summer Reading Recommendations

As the summer break approaches we want to encourage all our students to keep up reading! Here is a list of reading suggestions for both juniors and seniors which includes student recommendations. Also if you are a member of a public library remember you can download Borrowbox where you will have access to eBooks and eAudiobooks. Making it easy to read wherever you are! Enjoy your Summer!

Book Returns

Great to see so many of our students reading! All these books are back on the shelves and ready to be checked out again! Don’t forget we had a new book order arrive last week! So why not pop in and have a look!

Back Open Again

After another school closure the OLS library is back in business and ready to welcome back old and new users for the final term of school. Check out our lunch time clubs and pop by any day. Enjoy some mindfulness colouring on Mondays, and test your brain with some Word Searches or Sudoku on Fridays. Why not pop by to the book clubs and meet some new people and books! 

Book Bingo is Back!

How it works:

  • Pick up a Book Bingo sheet from the library
  • There are sixteen boxes in the grid — each one describes a different type of book
  • The aim is to read as many of the different types of books that you can, but also to complete them in lines (vertically, diagonally, or horizontally). Click here  for book suggestions.
  • If you complete at least one line or more you will receive a certificate at the end of the year (1 line = Bronze certificate, 2 lines = Silver certificate, full house = Gold certificate)
  • After each book you have read, fill the title in the relevant box and bring it to the librarian to be stamped
  • Only one box may be filled per book read
  • You have until the end of the school year to complete as many boxes as you can (May 2020)
Books | Free Stock Photo | LibreShot

Library Update

The library is back up and running this year However due to Covid-19, things are slightly different this year like most parts of school life. The library has been halved in order to make space for an additional classroom. This means the number of students in the library must be limited, but this won’t stop us! The book clubs are back up and running, book bingo is back, student librarians for this year have been chosen and mindfulness colouring on Mondays is in full swing. Looking forward to see what’s to come for the library.

BRC publishes store reopening guidance